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AEM V2 Fuel Pump not Triggering

Good day mates,

AEM 30-6311 

I have a 2000 Eclipse GT with a 3.9L V6 boosted and AWD. 

i Made a full  custom wiring harness to run a VR4 AEM and am trying to get the pumps to prime.

i started with a single trigger to the relays( Radium DYI Relays for a fuel cell) running off pin 8 as the pin out suggested. entered everything in the TOOL/Conf. output. but the relays will not come on. am i missing something. 

so i figured i would try adding another Trigger to LS4 and see if it was just LS11 and stil nothing.



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Try disconnecting the wire

Try disconnecting the wire going from the relay to ecu on the ecu side. Then (just for for testing) ground that wire, do the fuel pumps kick on?

This would help confirm the relays are wired correctly.