X-series wideband gauge 30-0300 malfunction new out of the box. | AEM
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X-series wideband gauge 30-0300 malfunction new out of the box.

My name is Stefanos and i am happy to find this forum.
Recentry i purchased the x-series wideband uego gauge with product number 30-0300.
I installed it at the the stock lamda sensor placement on a DC sports 4-1 header on a B16 Honda engine.
The day after the installation i went to tune the car with my tuner.
The tuner installed at the back of the exhaust an aem 30-4110 gauge with 4.2 bosch sensor.
After he completed the tune of the car on the streets with his gauge readings we started to notice the readings of my new gauge.
My gauge was way off compared to my tuners gauge.
At steady throttle cruising up to 2500rpm my gauge readings were crazy lean about 19-20+ afr which is impossible to be correct as the car would missfire with so muchlean afr.
My tuners gauge readings at the same time were normal with steady 14-15 afr range.
While i increase the rpm at about 4000 my gauge starting to return to reality with readings of 13-14 range which were close to my tuners gauge.
At wide open throttle my gauge was off again with some weird readings at the lean zone .
After the tuning on the streets i went with my tuner to a dyno to complete the tuning process.
Again at that time my tuner installed an other 30-4110 gauge with brand new 4.2 bosch sensor this time ,the readings of my gauge were way off again.

Is the stock lamda sensor position of the DC sports 4-1 header correct for my gauge ? This position is almost vertical about 80 degrees and about 2 inches after the collector.
I tried to do a free air calibration ( ACAL ) with sensor removed from the exhaust but the calibration result was fail more than 10 times.
I did the test of the sensor with propane gas and with carb cleaner on a rack and the readings at both tests were instantly rich 8 afr which mean that the sensor is in good working order.
At the gauge menu what is the CAL with options from 1 to 16 ? I was unable to find info about this option on the instructions manual.
Let me know if it will help to upload a video of the issues i am discribing.
Thanks in advance.