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AEMdata can't install on Windows 8


I have probem with installing the AEMdata on my Windows 8 laptop. It shown 'The file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect"

Any idea with this? i can install that on my other windows 7 laptop. The funniest thing is i'm serving two seperate customers, one using Series 2, one using infinity. I can only installed the AEMTuner V3.2 on win 8, but not Win 7, V2.9 is ok on Win 7 but it didnt work with the Series 2...............Infinity tuner is ok on both laptop.

Will go for trackday soon and i dont want to bring 3 laptops together as another laptop is running Win XP for tunning the Power FC...............i wish if i can install the AEMdata on my win 8 and i can see the datalog from both Series 2 and Infinity 6.

Hope someone can help here.

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