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AEMDATA Crashing

I finally took time to sit down and try to figure out AEMdata.  I started with the drag race template that was shared in this section of the forum.  Over the last 2 hours the program has locked up and crashed 4 times.  I am on a windows7 laptop and the latest version of AEMDATA from March version 4.1.30  Is this a known issue?

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I had an issue with AEMData

I had an issue with AEMData crashing while holding the scroll bar.  This was back in 2013 on 4.00.37, though.  Just checked and I haven't updated since 2014 lol.  4.1.1 has been solid for me on my Win7 machine.  I still have the .exe file if you want me to send it to you to test out.