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AEMPro Fuel Units

Ok, crazy dumb question. How the heck do you change the fuel units in AEMPro?? I've searched high and low in the program and I can't get it off RAW units. In AEMTuner you just right click on the table and it gives you an option but with the EMS v1, more options are supported in AEMPro so that's what I've been using.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Spec_Ops2087 wrote:

Spec_Ops2087 wrote:

RAW is how you should tune. What do you want to change it to, and why?

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Right-click your Fuel Map in

Granted this an old post, but on the off-chance someone else has the same issue...Right-click your Fuel Map in table view and select from 'View Raw', 'View pulse width', or 'View duty cycle'.