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AFR logging now possible with Failsafe

Seeing a need, my tuner and I (well...mostly him) have managed to write a utility that allows Mitsubishi Evo X owners to use their AEM Failsafe gauges to log AFR to EvoScan and/or COBB's AccessTuner.  This is a huge plus for all of us and I suspect will lead a lot more Evo owners to choose the Failsafe over the regular UEGO gauge.  (In fact, I think it's a no-brainer at this point.)

Anyone interested in reading the development thread can go here:

Post #42 gives details on how to get the utility.

(Obviously we or AEM would take no responsiblity if for any reason you bork your car...but I really can't see how that would happen with a scanning tool.)

EDIT:  I forgot to add:  The bridge will work with any program that can log the old UEGO via serial.