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AQ-1 AEMnet with X-Series AEMnet Gauge

AEM Team,

I have a request... 

We've added a few AEM electronics to our retired '08 FSAE car and would like some help.

I don't know if this was a thought when the products were developed, but it would be great if the AQ-1 sent messages to the AEMnet gauge like the other devices.

We were going using the logger and the gauge - hoped it would work, but confirmed it wouldn't last night - to monitor a few items like RPM, coolant and oil pressure until we move to the AEM ECU we have on the shelf.

Could this functionality be added in?

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There's no architecture to

There's no architecture to support user configurable CAN transmission from the AQ-1 so no, unfortunately this isn't something that can be added.