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AQ-1 + EMS-4

Im  trying to get some data logging happening.

The AQ-1 is picking up/reading the various sensors including the GPS  I can't seem to actually capture any data

1) The AQ-1 accepts and ackowledges a memory card is mounted - but only the 2G SD card.. I installed 2 different SDHD cards but the AQ-1 does not seem to detect the card and it states

no card mounted , or overwrite protected. According to the instructions the cards should be compatible.

2) When I try to save a configuration,  it states I need to contact the administrator, then asks me if I want to save info on my laptop.

3) I tried doing a test , but I just get tis message -
The log file (D:\LOGS\AEM007.AQ1) cannot be downloaded.
There is no log data found in the log file.

4) I tried changing everything back to defaults too

What do I do next?