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B-Series with EPM -No Sync, Spark


i am having trouble getting my epm to operate correctly. i enabled the EPM option and coil on plug setting in the wizard. in diagnostic mode, i see that the ignition is getting power, crank shows values(after trying to crank), 100% spark, 0% start up. i did split the ground from the epm duetsch plug and rywire harness ground since its a known issue. The cam/ref and Crank//ref wires from the rywire harness are going into the 6p deutch connector that plugs to the coil labeled plug pin 5 and 6 on the pnp harness. Should these two pins be going elsewhere? i see the cam and crank pins on the aem infinity pnp harness are not used on the instruction manual. i found a couple of people running into the same issue on this forum but dont really explain the steps taken to get everything up and running. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


 Please see the below parts list for my setup. 

  • Honda K series coil plugs
  • Rywire COP harness
  • Aem EPM 
  • Aem infinity 
  • Aem obd1 pnp harness


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The extra pins on the 6p

The extra pins on the 6p connector are power and ground. Crank and cam input should be wired pin 25 and pin 26 if I recall correctly. There are no pre-wired inputs for digital cam and crank signals from the epm.