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Bad gauge or sensor after a month??? I really hope not

I have been using AEM products, specifically wideband and boost gauges for, like, 15 years. I got out of the game for a minute, but now that I am back, I am dismayed. 

I bought a matching set of gauges (boost and wideband) from ZZP about 4 months ago. Finally got around to installing them less than a month ago, and the wideband (AEM 30-4110, set to 0-5v lambda, logged via serial) seemed fine at first, until I started logging. I am logging through serial, and the data matches the gauge. That isn't the issue. I have multiple, and they seem to be all too common, much to my chagrin...

The gauge itself makes a high-pitched ring when on. Yes, it is wired correctly, safely, fused, and has proper power and ground. It's done this since day one. It just took me a minute to realize it was the gauge and not tinnitus.

For the first week the gauge seemed fine, but I noticed now that I am paying much more attention to it, That after my car warms up and I drive it, the gauge reads full lean, my logs show lambda 1.260 non-stop until I stop the car, let it chill for a minute (power off the car, and subsequently power off the gauge), then upon restarting and the gauge booting up (essentially a power cycle), it will read correctly for another 10 minutes or so until showing full lean again.

This is highly frustrating when I am trying to tune VVE for SDOL, as I trusted what it said was true for 2 weeks until I was running so rich I could smell gas.

I am sincerely hoping that neither the gauge or the sensor, both BRAND NEW and wired properly, are bad, and that there is a way to recalibrate it or something, because for the, like, ~240 bucks (I paid like 500 shipped for the matching pair) just for that gauge and the name behind it that i have trusted for so long, I am super disappointed.

Any troubleshooting tips you got or detail I can give, let's do it. My main fears are that if either or both get replaced, I will be going through this again in a short time, or that I will have to replace the matching gauges with others that don't fit the look I was going for.