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bmw e36 econometer boost gauge oil temp



if you take a lsw pwm out and set it to 50% duty and create a 2 dimensional array (table) with x values of whatever (in my case battery voltage for testing) and y values of vehicle apeed you can use the econometer for whatever you want. I havent refined the scaling yet but somewhere around 1 pulse per 10 miles per hour results in the econometer displaying miles per hour in my case.

When im ready to refine the math I will scale the mpg gauge to tach at 1 pulse per 100 ish and boost pressure. boost pressure will add/remove pulses from the tach value to display actual boost pressure. 

keep in mind the econometer will not do anything until the gauge sees a few mph. its a hardwire problem with the tach thus you wont see boost at 0 mph.

this is for non can obd1 cars.

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Very cool.  Thanks for the

Very cool.  Thanks for the tip.

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Wow this is a great idea. I

Wow this is a great idea. I've been looking for a way to display boost level but never thought of this before. Thanks!