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BMW M3 S50B32 Euro + S50B30 Euro configuration


We could really use a configuration for the trigger setup on the Euro M3 S50B32.

Its very similar to S54, but not exact the same. I can supply you with the information on the triggers from the cams.

Vanos are controlled axact same way as S54, and I know you need to build an H-bridge to get it to work. Thats not the problem.

Is this something that can be done, we have customers for that application to run with a 506 or 508 for racing.

No need for CAN, DBW or all the fancy things like the P/P for S54.

Let me know


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Unfortunately new timing

Unfortunately new timing pattern development has slowed down some. This app is on our "wish list" of ones to support however no new timing patterns are being worked on currently. I'm sure we'll get back to doing new timing patterns again in the future but I can't say when that'll be.