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Boost Safe Wire Randomly Grounded By Controller When Pump PWM Above 75%"ish

I Have A 30-3301 V2 Kit I Just Installed. It Has Not Worked Properly Since I Installed It A Week Ago.

I Do Not Get Any Error Codes When Condition Occurs. Absolutely None. This Is Not Like Any Issues I've Searched For On Forums For The Past Week.

Here Is Concern. When The Boost Level Reaches About 75% Of The Max Boost Setting On Controller The BoostSafe (Green Wire) Grounds Out (Irratically And Not Consistant), Yet There Are No Fualts. When This Happens The Green LED Functions Normal (On Both Controller And External Led), It Matches Corresponding Pump Duty Per Boost. When The Controller Grounds The Boost Safe It Never Flickers Or Shuts Off, It (The Status LEDs) Stay Solid And Consistant. When Max Boost Is Set At Say 30PSi And Car Only Hits 15PSI It Never Randomly Grounds The Green Wire (concern never occurs)

Kit Wiring: [Controller Is Located In Glove Box]
*Red Wire Runs Through Firewall To Engine Bay PDC. I've Ran A 4 Gauge Copper Cable (Crimped And Soldered 4Gauge Lugs) That Connects PDC Directly To Alternator. There Is Also A 1/0 Cable (Crimped And Solderd 1/0 Lugs) That Connects Alternator Directly To Battery.
* Black Ground Wire Passes Through Firewall And Grounds To A Strut Bolt (Ring Terminal Used). Sheet Metal Has Been Wire Wheeled To Bare Metal.(There Is A 1/0 Cable Running Off This Same Ground To Battery)
* Yellow Wire Is Tapped In To Cabin Fuse Box
* All Other Connections Are Per Instructions And Every Single Connection Is soldered.
* A Snow Performance Flow Control Solenoid Is Wired To Controller For My Application.
*Pump Is Located In Front Bumper And So Is Tank. Tank Is Above Pump And Nylon Hose Connecting The Two Is Only 7" Long

I've Removed The Vacuum Line And Connected A MightyVac Pump To Simulate Boost And Replicate Concern With Nozzle Connected (But Removed From Engine). I've Tested It At (High) Max Boost Levels And (Low) Max Boost Levels And When Ever I Reach ~75% Of Those Max Boost Readings The Controller Randomly Grounds Out The Green Wire As If There Is A Fault. A Notable Thing (Quite Scary) To Mention Is That When 75% Of Max Boost Is Reached And The Concern Happens The Flow Control Solenoid Also De-Energizes At The Same Irratic Rhythm Of The Green Wire Being Grounded Out. I've Disconnected The Flow Control Solenoid And Ran Same Test With Solenoid Out Of The Equation And Concern Remains (Controller Grounds The Green Wire).

Also A Notable Mention. When I Remove The Nozzle And Just Allow The Fluid To Spray Through The Nylon Hose (with no restriction to build pressure) The Concern Never Happens. I Can Reach 100% Of The Max Boost With Hand Pump And The Controller Won't Ground Green Wire And The Flow Control Solenoid Will Not De-Energize. To Me This Indicates The Controller Wigs Out When Pump Begins Drawing Near Peak Current.

Lastly, When I Manually Simulate Boost With Hand Pump With Nozzle Installed I Can Listen To The Pump And Progressivly Hear The Pump Make Its Whooshing Sound. It Sounds Perfectly Linear And Smooth From 0-70%, But Once I Hit That 75% Mark The Pump Makes A Weird Sound, As If The PWM Is Distorted. The Pump Doesn't Sound Any Different From This Distorted Sound From 75-100%.

What Are Your Thoughts? I Don't Suspect A Controller Issue... I Suspect That Maybe The AEM Wiring Harness Is ToobLong For The Gauge Of Wires Used For Power, Ground, Pump (-) And Pump (+). I Read On Another Thread That AEM Recommends Running Direct Power From Battery To Pump (+) Directly? This Isnt Mentioned In Instructions.

I Have A Test Light, True RMS Multi Meter (For Resistance, Voltage And Amperage Checks) And Oscilloscope For Any Diagnostic Tests / Graphing.

Here Is Link To Video Of The Concern Replicated With Hand Pump


In Video The Flashing Scramble Light Indicates The Green Wire Has Been Grounded. The Red Light Stays On For 1 Second And The Green Wire Is Actually Being Grounded For A Very Short Time.

When I Rapidly Look At Controller LED This Is What You See When Concern Starts And Remains. No Codes.

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