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Cam Sync Error in high RPM
I've been trying to solve the issue with my car where if I bounce off the rev limiter, the car will die out, but upon restart, everything will go back to normal again. I'm on AEM Infinity 506 and I'm a big newbie when it comes to this, but I'm slowly learning about the EMS/tuning. I was hoping someone with a similar experience can shed some light on where I should start looking to solve this issue. 
I was able to make a log of me revving and it dying. Upon looking at the logs, it seems that my normal Cam0_Timing is set at 18 (is this correct setting for 2JZ-GTE?). When I hit the rev limiter, I notice that Cam0_SyncError0 and Cam0_SyncError2 start going up and the Cam0_Timing jumps all the way up to 75 and that's when the car can no longer idle and dies out.
My log file is uploaded to Google Drive here:
If anybody has any ideas on what might be causing the cam timing to get changed drastically please chime in! I was told that its possible the cam sensors could be wired backwards and has a chance it could cause something like this. 
I dont know if it matters but some general specs of my setup: 2JZ-GTE Stock block, 6766 Turbo, 280 Cams, V160, AEM Infinity 506
Thank you!!