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CANBUS telemetry for dashboard issues

Hi! I'm trying to pair EMS2 and our custom made dashboard, which receives data via CAN and works correctly with Motec and some other ECUs

I've configured ECU to send Fuel and Oil pressure channels (we use 150psig sensors), and 'Show info' says that it sends the pressure in PSI with some multiplier 4.055. So to convert to Bars we decided to recalculate the value as pressureByte*4.055/14.5, but the dash shows irrelevant values (about 15-16 bars) when actual pressure is about 2.5 bars.

So I decided to inspect raw telemetry stream and it turned out that EMS actually sends the pressure in percents of max sensor value, so the dashboard has to recalculate it as pressureByte * sensorMaxPressure / 255. But it requires to have max sensor pressure specified in dashboard. Since the max value already specified in EMS calibration why just not send the final pressure in Bars/psi calculated by EMS instead of percents? And it's more strange that 'Telemetry Info' window says that it sends the pressure in Psi.

Is there any way to configure this behavior?

Also I have no success to read AFR from CANBUS. Could you please suggest how to interpret the O2#1 Channel byte as AFR?