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CD7+07 Mustang GT 500 OBD2+Dash Design freeze up

Hello my name is Charles. Just got a CD7 and was testing it out on my 07 Ford Mustang GT 500. I also uploaded Dash Design to my PC. I’m connecting to my car through the OBD2. All connections and downloads went well.

My sequence for reading the PID’s from OBD2 was as stated in the manual. The cd7 scanned for PIDs and found what it needed it then prompted me to reconnect the usb to the pc. The program loaded a little more but then gave me the following error messages which would keep coming back when closed,

 - “error code 3-no default session has been specified”,

 - “error code 4- session number is invalid”,

 - and “error finding bookmark”.

I tried it several times with no luck.  The program would just stay stuck on the messages. I would have to log off my computer in order to try it agian.  I also tried erasing and reloading the Dash Design software with no luck.

Any thoughts???? Thanks in advance. 

- Charles

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Hey Charles,

Hey Charles,

It sounds like there might be multiple problems happening all at the same time. One of the main concerns i have is related to the model year of that vehicle  the 2007MY may not have a supported CAN stream, lets try some tests to verify this is the case.

First, Open and load the base OBD2 dash design Setup file to your CD-7 display. Please note if any channels are present indicating data (such as engine speed, coolant temp, vehicle speed etc)

Next, if the first step is a success, have that dash design set up open when attempting to Scan OBD2 PIDs.

Finally, after the obd2 scan is complete and the PIDs have been added to your layout save the dash set up before re-uploading it to the display.