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Cold Weather causing overboost/fuelcut

The AEM EMS has been tuned for my car but when it was tuned the weather was around 80F. With colder weather, around 60F, the AEM (I'm using the internal EMS boost control with an AEM solenoid) overboosts and causes fuel cuts. Is there a table to put a compensation related AIT to allow me to decrease the boost duty in colder weather?

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From what I can see the

From what I can see the answer is no. Only parameter I see related to AIT is Air Temp Fuel Correction. 

If I am thinking correctly a change to your P&I setting for boost control "should" correct any overboosting issues as it will make larger and/or faster changes to your solenoid duty cycle and hopefully keep your boost in check.

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Any update on this? I am

Any update on this? I am having the same issue, but on a series 2. Other ECUs I tune have a AIT vs WG duty compensation.