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Continual Epm failures

 Have been building epm retro fit kits using 30-3250  for Rb Engines and have had 3mof 6 Epms fail before we are finished dyno tuning. These units are always used with an infinity with aem jumper harness.  It is aways the same type of failure where the unit stops outputting either a cam or crank signal. We always run new shielded wire directly to ecu bypassing oem wiring and jumper harness just to be safe. We ground the shielding directly to chassis ground near ecu and pull 12v from the Auxillary 12 pin in jumper harness. We are grounding to Analog sensor ground.  Can you help us diagnosis why these unit keep failing? Everytime we request an RMA and recieve new unit the issues are resolved for a time. There seems to be no ryme or reason to why some units work for years without issues and others last hours.  

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I have the same problem. AEM

I have the same problem. AEM EPM was running well for a few months and suddenly one day it did not give anymore crank and cam signals. Replaced it with a new one and it ran fine again and after a few days same failure. This was on a honda civic B-series engine. What could have caused this? Any inputs?

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Cause could be anything.

Cause could be anything. Would have to open the unit up and do some testing/checking to figure out what failed. If they stopped working within one year of being purchased, they'd be covered under warranty. Contact Tech Support to setup an RMA and we can inspect your EPMs.