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Dash Design 2.0 Simulator connection to AEM Data

Has anyone had luck connecting Dash Design 2.0 simulator with AEM Data?  I have tried it on multiple computers (All Win 10 Pro), Admin, non-admin, etc, with not even a hint of any sort of connection between the two. 




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Are you using the latest

Are you using the latest version of AEMData available? Also, one other caveat, the channel names in AEMData must match the channel names in the dash setup file in order for them to link and display properly in the simulator. If you have a logging dash, just simply play back a log taken from the dash. If you do not have a logging dash, it would be advantageous to change the channel names in your dash setup to match the logged channels from your device.

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We have it running, just be

We have it running, just be aware, once you launch, the delay can be significant, but a very useful tool.


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i have proplem and i solve it

i have proplem and i solve it by rename the channels in AEM Design to match the channels name in AEM data and it work fine now 

in AEM Design was (EngineSpeed) and in AEM data was (Engine Spd) So i change the channel name in AEM Design to (Engine Spd)