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double duty for wideband O2

I've been enjoying my Infinity 506 setup for a couple of years now.  No real complaints. A couple of wish list items but not complaints.

My question is could I use an AFR gauge and tap into the wideband that the 506 is using or would i need a seperate sensor for it?  

I wouldn't really need a gauge if AEM would develop an app that could read and display ecu data on my smartphone. I doubt i'm along in thinking this would be the best thing since sliced bread.

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Better yet, pick up one of

Better yet, pick up one of our AEMNet gauges:

Not only will you be able to see your wideband data, but a multitude of additional data channels with a simple press of a button. This ties into the CAN A channels broadcast out from your ECU, requires no configuration (other than setting your desired display units).

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I'm barely familiar with CAN

I'm barely familiar with CAN bus so I just did a crash course.  I knew it was how modules in newer cars talked to eachother but beyond that, no clue.  Makes sense that this would be way better than just an AFR gauge becuase I could monitor dozens of other aspects from the ecu if I wanted to.  I guess the step up from this would be the CD-5 and CD-7 dash products.  Too rich for my blood.  I only wish that your AEMNet gauge wasn't so basic in appearance.  Couldn't it have more of a screen or a display with more resolution?  Must pretty and smart be mutually exclusive? In my case, their mutually elusive! 

I likely will pick one up.  Thats a helluva cool feature for so cheap.  Thanks JG!


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Our CAN display gauge was

Our CAN display gauge was designed to match the look of our other digital gauges, a high resolution display screen would have increased the price. Something in between our CAN gauge and our CD5 dash displays would be these gauges from BTI: they receive CAN data from the ECU and have a small screen with a few different display options.

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I can vouch for the BTI

I can vouch for the BTI gauges, I've been using one of those CAN bus gauges in my car with an AEM Infinity 506 for about 2 years now. It works great, but since installing it I found another CAN bus gauge on the market at around the same price point that looks like it would have been a better choice - GaugeART -

They offer a typical 2-1/8" gauge that has a user-programable display (via smartphone app), so you can customize each display page with up to 4 parameters of your choice to monitor - something I wish my BTI gauge could do. The BTI gauge just gives you 10 (IIRC) pages worth of possible displays that you can scroll thru, but each page display is hard coded into the gauge (i.e., which parameters get displayed).