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Drag & Rally Anti-lag used in conjunction with Eachother?

I'm sorry to bump this, but I am trying to get this right on my AEM EMS.  Differen't car, but trying to get similar function out of it..

Currently, I want/am using Drag-style Anti-lag for launching... Activated by a clutch switch 'Switch #4 = Gnd Off', and is in use for VSS below 8mph.

regular 2step rev limit is activated by the same switch, 'Switch #4 = Gnd Off' with 2step 'OK Below VSS 255mph', so basically 2step is activated as a fuel cut any time the clutch is pushed, above 8mph.

I would like to utilize Rally Anti-lag for WOT shifting, and utilize fuel cut instead of ignition cut every time I shift, to help keep the turbo spooled.

Is there a way to utilize the Rally Anti-lag in conjunction with the Drag Anti-lag?  Do I just click 'anti-lag' control, and set it to 'Switch #4 = Gnd Off', and Disable 2-step below 255 VSS?

What if I set "ALT_OK_Below_VSS" to 255?  It will work as described at launch and WOT shifting?

Next question is does the Rally Anti-lag retard timing based on what settings you use from the Drag Anti-Lag?

Would setting the 2-step to something like this, have same function as the rally Anti-lag:
2-step fuel cut: 10000
2-step ignition cut: 7500
2-step retard: 7300
Wizard:  Level-10 Hard Cut

With the retard and ignition cut set to hit below my max rpm shift point (8500) for the 2-step settings, would the effect be similar to the anti-lag when shifting?