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Dragrace Template

I have a quick question. I recently purcahsed the AQ-1 data logger for my car. I have yet to install it but i was tring to get fimiliar with the software. I downloaded the software from the AEM website. No problems whatsoever. I attempted to change the configuration of the software to the dragrace template and it said that the software could not be downloaded. My question is do i have to be connected to the AQ-1 to change the configuration or should i be able to change it without being connected. This is the first data logger that i have messed with. New to this. Thanks for any input.


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If you have your inputs setup

If you have your inputs setup to run the Dragrace Configuration, you must be connected to properly upload it. You do not need to be connected to the AQ-1 to load the configuratino and make changes to it though. Just be aware that when you are done making changes to the configuration, it will not be applied until you connect and upload it.