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E46 M3 No spark/sync issue after changing injectors

Been trying to figure out this issue for weeks now and I have tried everything I can think of. I have attached two logs and layouts from when the car was running previously and what it is doing now.

I had just put a turbo kit on my e46 m3 which came with a used infinity with a base map on it. For the most part the car was running fine for a couple of weeks until I swapped injectors. Immeditely after the car would idle very poorly and soon die out. I first went through everything that could have gotten misplaced while I was in there but couldn't find anything wrong. I tested all the injectors and they seem to be working fine in the car however it appears to be a spark issue. When the car does briefly turn over it appears to only get spark on a couple of cylinders and sometimes not at all. At this point I have replaced both cam sensors, crank sensor, plugs, vanos solenoid pack, wiring harness and coils. I checked the cam timing as well and everything seems to be fine there. At this point I think the only cause could be with the Infinity, however my knowledge and experience with the Infinity limited so I cannot figure it out. If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated.




no spark.itlog

no spark.itssn