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Andrew C
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E46 PNP Jumper?

Reading through the PNP initial flash instructions, and need to clarify the Jumper connection.  Are we just jumpin the 2 in in the harness connector to each other? Is there a supplied jumper wire in the kit or do we just make one?




 Also, the mechanic told me it took 2 hours to download the firmaware, sounds a bit long?




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Yes, the kit should include a

Yes, the kit should include a simple 'jumper' connecter that plugs into the black Delphi 2-pin connector on the harness. The jumper is just a single wire that connects pin1 to pin2, if you've lost yours you should be able to rig something up with a spare piece of wire.



I can't predict how long your mechanic will take to physically install the ECU, flash firmware in the ECU,  and adjust all the settings needed to run your engine. I can describe some of the steps involved that might not be specifically mentioned in the E46 instructions. The InfinityTuner interface software is about 65MB, so it should download quickly on most internet connections.  It's also necessary to register your ECU using the aeminfinity.com website before you can get the firmware files needed. That process is described in the 'Hardware' section of the 'Infinity User Guide.pdf' instructions file, pages 54-63 in the PDF. 

Adjusting the ECU's calibration to make your engine start and run correctly is beyond the scope of what an experienced ASE-certified mechanic will be familiar with.  Aftermarket programmable standalone ECUs are well outside of what traditional auto repair shops deal with, unless they specialize in aftermarket performance upgrades and dyno tuning. If you need help finding someone who is experienced at tuning aftermarket ECUs, our find-a-dealer page is a good place to start. http://www.aemelectronics.com/find-a-dealer


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