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e85 and WMI

I have installed the 1 gallon AEM kit and have had it tuned to run with an e30 tune on my 2017 Focus RS. Settings are 10spi start, 30psi full with the 500cc nozzle. Totally stoked with it!

Couple of questions; as I am also tuned for straight e85 (port injection / aux fuel set up installed) and timing is pretty much as advanced as my tuner is prepared to take it, can I simply spray while running full e85 and get the other benefits or should I not? My tuner is not keen to tune this fuel / injection set up however others are. But what tuning would actually be done? The Ecoboost ECU dynamically adjusts AFR to the target, so its not as if fuelling would be leaned out to allow for the methanol.

What are your thoughts and are there any possible risks me with simply spraying the e85 right now? Should I adjust the start / full settings?


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I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, I ran water methanol injection with E85, and it works well together.