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EBV solenoid in supra TT basemap


i live in France and i recently installed an AEM V2 on my TT supra mk4, with CT20 hybrides turbos, made by "munro racing" in Australia (stage4).

It works well with the basemap and a few adjustments, but i noticed that in Outputs configuration, IACV and EGCV valves was well configured, but EBV valve isn't configured and then, the actuator is still pressurised.

IACV=Intake Air Control Valve

EGCV=Exhaust Gaz Control Valve

EBV=ExhaustBypassValve for turbo2 prespool

-> So : Is it not better to switch off the EBV valve only after 3300rpm (for instance), in order to delay the turbo2 prespool ? It would prevent turbo1 pressure to drop.

Why the EBV valve isn't configured in the provided supraTT basemap ? Has someone ever use AEMV2 to improve hybrids twin turbos transition ?

Thank you a lot for any answer !


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Most Supras we have

Most Supras we have encountered when doing EMS development were already converted to single turbo setups, so there is probably room for improvement by adjusting the twin turbo outputs. Those calibrations are only intended to be a starting point, please get the car tuned on a dyno before you drive it hard.