ECU wont connect unless benched off the car?? | AEM
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ECU wont connect unless benched off the car??

Whats up guys have an usual issue. Picked up a V2 from my buddy was working fine on his car and when I went to do a basemap and get into AEM tuner. I had nonstop issues trying to get my laptop connect. Checked everything from comport settings to usb, different windows OS, etc and nothing.

Went and probed and checked my harness and nothing. Then I benched the ecu off the car, gave it power and would connect instantly through comport or USB..... Next thing I did was put it on the car and started disconnecting my sensors. It was until I disconnected my maf and dizzy which share a B/W power wire coming from the chassis did the ecu finally connect on the car. Soon as I plug both in the ecu instantly disconnects. Wiring harness is fairly new wiring specialties harness. My engine is a KA24de boost, made 467whp on stock ecu e85 after I couldnt get my aem to work on my dyno day.

Any ideas? Possibly its something internally wrong with my ecu and friend hurt the ecu before selling it to me? I assumed it was noise somewhere in my harness and sold it to another guy, he had similar issues, refunded him and now have the ecu back. Is there anything I should do besides sending it in to get checked out? Way back I spoke to a rep and they said if I can bench the ecu then it should be fine but then I emailed someone from tech recently and they said to send it in to diagnosis if its working or not then charge again for whatever needs to be fixed.