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EMS-4 Power-surge on usb

Hi everyone.

I have a very peculiar problem with my new EMS-4.  I'm using the minimal harnas 

it works perfectly fine on my desktop computer, running Windows 2k12R2. I can link up to it and 

all seem so be 100%

EMS-4 connected


however,  when I try the same on my laptop with Win10 ( fairly new Lenovo Ideapad330) 

I get this...

the scary part,  the USB cable would actually become warm, as if it is taking a lot of current.

I tried through an externally powered USB hud, with the same results.



Is there any particular requirements  for the laptop, to be able to connect via USB  to the EMS-4  

Would it for instance need USB3 ,  the laptop only has USB2  and when I try to connect on my Desktop, through a USB2 port, it wont work ether.

Even though the cable supplied with the EMS-4 is a USB2 cable.


any assistance would be highly apreciated...


for some background,  the ECU will be fitted to this...  4AGE-20V 



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Had the exact same problem on

Had the exact same problem on my install. We cut the heat shrink and glue back from the usb harness. The issue was 5v wire is grounding directly inside the harness!