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EMS4 VW 2.0 16v initial map help

Hello. I'm in the process of wiring my EMS4 into my 92 VW Jetta GLI with a 2.0 (4 cylinder firing order 1-3-4-2 )16v engine that was drilled out to a 2.1, fully built with a snail hanging on it. Running individual injectors and coils, 2 wire Hall sensor, 3.5 bar Map, Cooland, AIT, TPS, Wideband etc. 

I was ciurious if there is someone out there with a similar setup and wouldn't mind shearing a base map for me to start working off of just to get the car runnig before sending it to the dyno?


is there a similar starting map on the tuner itself that will be a good starting point for me.  

Thank You in advance wink