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Failsafe abnormal reading

I am currently running the V2 AEM water methanol kit.

I have also purchased the failsafe kit, I have installed into my Supra. I am hoping somebody can shed some light, my failsafe gauge does not appear to register any flow for quite some time, when in fact there is flow in the system. When it finally registers flow the gauge spins around to maximum and then seems to fluctuate up and down wildly. If I increase boost pressure slowly it will not reach maximum flow on the gauge, but it will still fluctuate wildly Once it does actually start to measure flow.

I have installed a normally shut solenoid valve to prevent siphoning due to the tank being above the nozzle. Also the flow sensor is mounted in the cabin of the vehicle.

Is it possible my flow sensor is too far away from the nozzle? I am not sure. Does the gauge just need calibration?

Can anybody help?