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Failsafe software registering on left side of screen

When I hit the test button on the controller the flow registers appropriately moving from the bottom left hand corner of the screen to the top right and holds. But when I'm driving the car and data logging the flow of the kit the CC goes up to about halfway of where it should be and stays on the left hand side of the screen never progressing to the right like it should. Why is this happening? It's making my failsafe very unreliable because it will go outside of the proper parameter everytime and the only way to not get it to flash at me like crazy is to make the flow rate trip levels all the way up and down from start to finish.

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The x-axis represents pump

The x-axis represents pump duty. If it works when at rest but doesn't when moving, I'd say it sounds like you've got a flaky connection on the pump reference. Try testing the system by applying air pressure to the controller using an air compressor or something (with pressure turned down so you don't damage the controller) and see how it behaves. Honestly doesn't make much sense that it'd work on the test button but not under normal operation. Have never had this issue reported before.