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FD RX-7 - AC Request Switch

I am attempting to get the A/C functioning on an FD RX-7 running an Infinity 506.  The FD uses an analog 0-5V signal for the A/C input into the ECU.  The ECU uses this input to disable the compressor if the pressure is outside a defined range.

In the setup wizard under Input Function Assignments > AC Request Switch I am given a limited list of Digital inputs and Ananlog inputs that can be used for the AC Request Switch.  One of the options is Analog 19 which will work for my setup. Unfortunately the setup table only has two rows to define the voltage thresholds.  In order to setup my switch for the high / low pressure cuts I need a minumum of 4 rows.  The software does not seem to allow me to add rows.  Is there a way to add rows to this table? Or possibaly another workaround?

I am using firmware version 96.2

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Are you certain you need

Are you certain you need windows for high voltage and low voltage? As I understand it, the tricky part of those car's AC signals is the voltage for the 'on ' position will migrate somewhere between 0.0V  and 2.0V  depending on the position of the blower fan speed knob. This prevents most digital inputs from working properly. On my 1994 RX-7 the AC works well with these switch settings: