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Flex Fuel Content via Series 2 to CD5/7 Setup on DD2

The base unit for handling Flex Fuel Content in the Series 2 is actually period which is a time duration. The Series 2 measures the time between pulses from the Flex Fuel sensor to calculate frequency and Content is just scaled 0-100% based on a frequency range of 50-150Hz. Because Flex Fuel Content is handled as period/time, it's transmitted out over AEMnet in milliseconds.
Flex Fuel Content is not already in the AEMnet data stream and will need to be added. Make sure to be in firmware version 2V02 on your Series 2 unit before proceeding.

Two things to be aware of here, on1 is the CAN ID and the other is the BYTE for which you decide to set your FlexFuelContentRaw channel.
The ID will help you locate the channel in DD2 and the BYTE will help you determine which analog you have tied the channel to. Please be aware that AEM Tuner lists BYTES as 1-8 whilst DD2 will list them as 0-7.

Once you locate the ID and match up the proper BYTE, feel free to change the ECUANALOGINPUTXXVOLTAGE to your choice of a Flex Channel. I chose FlexPerSec since the Series 2 is sending this info as a time unit.
Once you have decided on what to call the channel, pan to the right and locate the scalar and offset. The scalar and offset value for FlexFuelPerSec is Scalar = .0000008 and Offset = .0000029 - the software will rewrite the values as shown.

Last step is to create a channel. I called mine FlexContent% / select primary input as the flex channel you renamed from your CAN tab. make sure your channel type is set as linear, adjust your scalar and offset as shown in the photo and click on reciprocal since this is not a linear channel.

Now you can add FlexContent% to your display and view it live!