Ford Performance M-9593-LU80 80lb/hr injector data | AEM
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Ford Performance M-9593-LU80 80lb/hr injector data

Any one have the data for the Ford Perfomance 80lb/hr injectors (M-9593-LU80).

Or help me convert the Ford calibration summary.


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You can build an offset table

You can build an offset table based on the values from the data sheet. The FNPW_OFFSET table gives you injector offset times for ~40psi at varying voltages. The FNPW_OFFCOMP table tells you how much to adjust the offset times from the FNPW_OFFSET table in order to get the correct offset times based on different fuel pressures. You should be able to put together a full injector offset table in about five minutes. As for flow, I'd just grab the flow values from something like the Siemens Deka 80's. The flow relationship based on delta pressure is the same for all injectors so good approximate values for one injector should work okay for another similar flowing injector. You'll know if the flow values are off by your VE values and can adjust the entire flow table up or down accordingly.