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g13bb issues setting trigger offset

recently installed a ems4 in a suzuki baleno 1300 with a g13bb motor,  This motor uses a similar setup to the subaru impreza 36-2-2-2.   im satisfied with running the car off the crank sensor only and run wasted spark.  got the car started and idling sweet and while attempting to use the trigger offset wizards im having a problem.


ok i lock the timing to 15 degrees and play with the wazard until my timing corresponds to the crank timing but when i then lock it to 10 it reads -15 at the crank.  changing it to 5 makes the crank read minus 10,  setting the lock to 20 degrees then gives me an off the scale reading.  if i try syncing at a different timing the same thing happens after sucessfully syncing at said timing,  all other timing is thrown off.  driving the car like this is causing low rpm pinging but otherwise driveability is decent.   what could be the cause of this issue?  Attached is the cal


shamar baleno base 2.AEM20.01V24.cal

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Just to reiterate, are you

Just to reiterate, are you advancing/retarding the timing via timing sync wizard until your light reads what you have it locked at?
In order to verify your timing is actually synced, you want to flatten your ignition map in your idle range. Lets say it is set at 15 degrees, hook up your timing light and verify that it is actually at 15 degrees.