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Gauge alarm - external buzzer sound

Hi there


Is there a way to wire my gauges to an external buzzer/alarm sound. I need it when my gauges flashes.

I recently bought X Series Gauges - Water Temp, Oil Pres, Exhaust Temp, BoostX, AFR, Oil Temp.

It is crucial to have a sound alarm especially on water temp, oil pres, exhaust temp.

I couldnt find anything in the internet/aem forums on how to do it.

I wish it had this feature built in.


I have a Mechanical Diesel Engine.



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Unfortunately the only gauge

Unfortunately the only gauge with a condition based lowside output would be the 30-4900/4911.

You technically could use the 0-5v output to a device(3rd party). That device would need logic to trigger a ground or 12v based on the various 0-5v outputs from the gauges. Our ECU has this functionality but might be a bit overkill for simply controlling a buzzer.