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Great customer service from AEM

AEM 30-4406

-30-35 PSI boost gauge

I had a problem with the pressure sensor.  It got sent in to AEM and replaced under warranty.  However, I didn't realize that I sent in my barb fitting along with the pressure sensor.  When I got the replacement pressure sensor back, I called AEM and spoke with Matt.  He basically didn't listen to my problem at all and could only repeat to me that I should find a mechanic that could install the pressure sensor.  Call ended and I was frustrated so was also planning on calling the supervisor.  

I called back the next day and spoke with Ping.  He really helped me.  Ping provided me with top notch customer service.  He not only listened to the problem he also figured out the solution.  I got the barb fitting replacement that I needed and problem solved - boost gauge is reading vacuum and boost properly.  Thank you, Ping for helping me and making this return/warranty process easier.  I really appreciate you.  

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I second that comment about

I second that comment about Ping
I sent email asking tech question. I had a reply the next day with all questions answered. Excellent work.

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