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HD Kit flow rate and gravity feeding

Hey Guys!

Couple of questions...  I have the HD 5 gallon kit (30-3301) and it has the 1GPM 200psi bypass pump.  I bought this kit mainly because it comes with enough parts to run 2 1000cc nozzles.  I understand what the instructions say about running straight meth, I'm not interested in a safety lesson.  I was planning to run straight meth with the two 1000cc nozzles, pre-throttle body on a boosted LS setup. 

I bench tested the system to see how much it can actually flow, controller maxed out and supplied with 14.3v, as I was interested to see how much fuel I would be displacing with the system.  I've run the test repeatedly and I keep getting the same result.  1000cc/min max flow.  (it usually takes just over 4 minutes to flow 4L of methanol).  Is this what I should expect, or is there something wrong with the pump?  I don't understand why AEM would ship a kit with all the hardware to install TWO 1000cc nozzles when the pump is only capable of flowing 1000CC.  My results are almost the same (within 30 seconds to move 4L) with one or two nozzles connected.  The voltage at the pump leads is within ~0.5V of the inupt voltage which is pretty fair and I clamped about 2.5A of current.  Even in free flow, with no nozzle the pump only moves 2850cc/min.

Also - These nozzles have check valves.  Should I need a solenoid if they are mounted PRE-throttle body if they are slightly lower than the fluid level in the reservoir in the trunk?