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Help with basic understanding of RTD and NTC temperature sensors and using the built in resistor

So, I installed my AQ-1 and tapped a line into the ECT sensor which I assume is RTD and a line into my IAT sensor which I know is NTC.  When I started my car and configured the AQ-1, the engine coolant temp on the dash basically halved it self when I enabled the ECT sensor.  I ended up just cutting this splice and things went back to normal.  If I reattached it and used the resitor in the AQ-1 would this alleviat this conflict?

Another question regarding the NTC IAT sensor:  The readings look ok from a logic perspective but I'm not sure that tapping into that line didn't alter the signal going to the ECU similarly to how the ECT sensor was affected.  Does tapping a line into the non-ground side of a NTC sensor affect the signal output?  I have a bosch 0 280 130 039 IAT.  How do I go about calibrating the sensor so that it outputs a measurement in Fahrenheit?  

One more thing, ha haha... on my minilap top, the AQ-1 software doesn't display fully.  The lower portion of the windows are cut off and you cannot scroll down.  ???


Thanks!  So far, with the sensors I have working, this thing is great for the money.