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Help! No sync, VR sensor (1jzgte VVTi)

Hello. I have an AEM EMS series 2 (6620) from a RB25 / 26 Nissan. I installed it in Toyota mark 2 1jz gte VVTi. Nissan uses HALL sensors, Toyota VR sensor. In AEM EMS Series 1, there are JPTs that allow you to select the type of sensor. In AEM Series 2, I saw only JPC (Coil), and JP. JP2 and JP3, closed by a central pin on pins 41 and 42, these are pins CAM and CRANK. The connector on the AEM board has 3 pins. Central pin 2, closed at 41 pins, pin 3 closed at 51 pins. initially in for nissan they stood in position 2-3. as I understand it by HALL sensors. I switched to position 1-2, JP2 and JP3. But AEM does not see engine speed when scrolling through the starter. The trigger is used 36-2 and 2 cam. In the wizard I chose type 36-2. when rotating in the cam count parameter, units are added. And in the parameter crank count it is always 0. the sensors are connected like this: NE + wire to the AEM 6620, Crank 42 connector, and NE- wire to the 30, sensor ground connector. Help me figure out why AEM does not see speed, Sync Stat - OFF. What am I doing wrong? If pin 42 is shorted to ground or + 5V through a resistor, then the Crank count goes and units are added. The input is working.