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How to test aem smart coil

Im almost certain I have fried my smart coil. I was testing to see if I was getting spark last week and it got hot and isn't sparking. But before I spend $80 on another coil I want to be sure.
Can I simply take one of the other coils that is firing and disconnect the plug and then plug it in the coil that isn't working to see it'd it will fire with the known good connector.
Which I have done and I didn't get anything out of it. Iv also swapped the plug lead wire to make sure it wasn't a bad plug wire.

But the real question is what would make it get hot and burn up? I don't want to buy a new coil and the same thing happen.
I would guess a bad ground would cause this maybe but all of the grounds are A OK.
Any input would be helpful

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A simple test would be to do

A simple test would be to do what you did - move the coil to a known good position to see if you get spark. Otherwise you'd have to supply a 5v falling edge trigger in order to fire the coil. You could technically quickly tap the trigger pin to 5v power from an analog sensor somewhere under the hood. If a coil has gotten hot then it's likely failed. Coil failures are commonly due to wiring or dwell control problems.