"HW Tooth Skip" setting...how does it affect dwell? | AEM
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"HW Tooth Skip" setting...how does it affect dwell?

I am chasing down a high boost spark blow out issue that occurs now with my Series 2 that I did not have with the stock ECU in my 3000GT.  I have increased all of my dwell limits and modified the dwell map so that I shoudl be getting plenty of dwell time.  I am also using Nissan 300zx ignitors lined in parallel so that I can optimize the increased dwell, but it still doesn't seem to hold as stable under high boost as the stock computer and piggyback did.  I am wondering if the "HW tooth skip" setting has anything to do with what dwell is actually being executed.  What exactly does this setting do?  I don't want to try it and then fry all of my coils.


Please advise