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Rabbit VR6T
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I think the FIC6 can work for me. Found a NIB 1910 I have questions??

I installed an OBDII VR6 from a 96 jetta into a 84 rabbit.  I transferred the entire wiring harness to the rabbit so it is still a 96 Jetta.

I added a turbo kit that came with a chip that was supposed to be the final tune.  The tune works great out of boost and great at WOT under max boost.  The tune is off at transition to boost and low boost below 5,000 rpm.  It is lean still at 14.7:1 afr.

I think the IFC6 could help me fine tune the afr in this application.

So my questions

1. Is the 30-1910 the model I need, the others seem to be model specific?

2. Is the 30-1910 still supported even though it is no longer sold?

3. Will I be on my own,  such as AEM will no longer help with a discontinued product?

4. Anyone know/confirm if this is compatable or Not compatable with a MK3 VW ecu?


I'm trying to determine is this is my best solution.  I don't want to go standalone, too many things to learn and I'm on a buget.



Rabbit VR6T
Last seen: 6 months 2 weeks ago
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I'll take the month + of zero

I'll take the month + of zero response as No Support!  I'll look for something else.  I'm a bit disappointed because I think this was going to be my best option.  Got to keep my OBD2 and I got to keep all of my gauges in my cluster.



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Yea, not allot of people

Yea, not allot of people helping on these forums.  If AEM does not have a specific listing for your Jetta, the 1910 is probably the  one.  Call  them  and ask.  That's what I just did.

Are you sure you need all this though?  If you got WOT at max speed and max boost, thats the hardest.  I suggest an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.  Increase the fuel pressure to avoid the lean windows in your map.  That will probably do it.