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Identifying Noise on VR Crank Sensor

VR sensor mounted to crank. Sheilded wire grounded to chassis ground, and negative of VR sensor grounded to sensor gnd. Testing crank input, preparing to fire the engine for the first time. 

60-2 toothed wheel, going wasted spark/batch fire.

I'm getting spark but I have not set the phasing of the coil on plugs yet so spark is happening at the same time on plugs 1234, all plugs produce spark at the same time (temporary test). Wired coil outputs 1234 --> cyl 1234, firing order is 1342

Injectors Off

Having issues maintaining Stat Sync'd. Could this be due to noise? I've had a read through the crank filtering in the DIY/FAQ section and I've ran some test logs (attached) with a range of resistors wired in parallel with the crank vr sensor. Can someone take a look through these and see which (if any) appear to be the correct resistor value in order to achieve the most accurate timing? A Tooth and Sync/Timing Errors appear erratic. Would like to resolve before I fire the engine. I do not have an oscilloscope available currently.