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Infinity 506 bricked??

I purchaed my infinity 506 about 3 years ago but as things go it has sat in a box awaiting my build. I finially got my engine harness completed as far as updating fuel injector plugs to EV1s, adding DBW and replacing many old worn factory plugs. I am using a patch harness from my 2j engine to the infinity. I finally got the engine and harness back in and hooked up to the ECU. With ignition on my CAN gauge came on so good start there. I hooked up my laptop to the ecu with infinity tuner running and was asked to upload the latest firmware. Ok started that but about 2/3rds of the way through the laptop stopped responding. I forced infinity tuner to close. Relaunched it and with the ecu plugged in, infinity tuner would not respond. If I unplugged the ecu from the laptop, infinity tuner immediately responded. I then cycled power to the ecu by unplugging the negative battery cable. 

At this point I was going to flash-enable the firmware using the jumper on the patch harness. However, the ECU is completely unresponsive. I unhooked the patch harness and verified the following:

c1-10 12V
c1-48 12V with ignition on/ 0 V off
c1-33,43,46,67 have coninutiy between each pin and ground.
c1-47 12V

To bench test the ecu I know it needs, 12v battery, 12v ignition, power ground, and the 12v relay. 

Lastly the laptop is a Macbook Pro running Windows 10 through Bootcamp.

At this point the ECU is completely unresponsive. Any advice?










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Contact Tech Support to send

Contact Tech Support to send in ECU for hard flash. Old firmware gets cleared before new firmware is loaded so if new firmware doesn't completely load, the ECU will not function.