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Infinity 7109 no output to IAT

Was doing some data logging and notice my IAT is stuck at 77 which is the failsafe. Triple checked my wiring and it’s good. Sensor is good as well. I tested pin2 on the aux connector (e46 m3) and it’s dead. The wizard is setup for the right sensor (3/8npt aem) and all other sensors work as should. Any suggestions on what to try next?

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You can add the channel

You can add the channel 'Analog2 [V]' to the layout, that is the raw voltage on the C1-67 pin, before any calculations or sensor/pin assignments. Compare that against what your multimeter is showing when you backprobe that pin on the ECU. You can also watch the channel AIT_sens [ohms] which is a calculated resistance value using that Analog2 voltage.  If you need a known-good reference, compare those against the Analog1 [V]  and CLT_sens [ohms] channel which are reading the coolant temp sensor on pin C1-67.  It's not impossible to damage the temperature input pins, but pretty rare.


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