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Infinity 8h funky electrical issues

May be a lengthy post but I want it to be detailed. Pretty much lost on what I should do next.

First off my set up for my 1990 Nissan 300zx twin turbo with an infinity 8h with an rb26 pnp harness.

I've had this set up running for 1-1.5 years. Made 568rwhp on pump gas last month. Until recently it's been acting up and no longer starts up.

The story:

Fully built the engine at this time I relocated the battery to the trunk and installed the infinity 8h ems with the factory 1996 Nissan cas with NO aem trigger wheel, aem IAT and aem map sensor. Ever since the first start ups I've noticed an issue that even my tuner thought was strange. Usually during first start ups there will be a very rapid tick coming from my idle air control and will eventually stop ticking almost sounds like if you were hear a spark plugs fire rapidly for best reference. Also when I turn the key to the on position with engine off the fuel pump will prime for two seconds which is normal. However sometimes (will happen numerous times during the day) the fuel pump prime will prime for ever and when this happens the car will not start it will just crank crank and crank. I will then have to bump the starter until I hear the priming shut off then I know the car will start.

Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I drove the car almost 5 hours. When I was about an hour away from my home I felt the car stumble a couple of times which was weird so I continued driving. When I was about half an hour away it stumbled again then stalled. The car started right up and was fine for about 5 minutes and did the same thing. And kept doing the same thing until I got home. I took a data log of the car acting up just idling in my drive way when it stalled.

Now fast forward to this past Tuesday I bought a yellow top optima battery some I knew my battery was on it's last legs. Installed the battery turned the ignition to on and this is where things got very strange. The tachometer started freaking out from 0-1000rpm this is with the car off, the fuel pump priming was freaking out going from on/off rapidly and the idle air control valve was ticking on/off rapidly... At this point the vehicle no longer starts. I started unplugging connectors to see if the issue would go away. I first unplugged the main infinity connector then turn the ignition on and there was no electrics freaking out. So then I plugged it back in turned the ignition on and the issues came right back. I started unplugging other connectors and finally got to the "lambda" connector on the rb26 pnp harness and unplugged it and the issues stopped immediately. Plugged it back in and the issues came back. I unplugged it and attempted to start the vehicle but it would not start I assume it needs to see a signal from the wide band to start. How ever after I attempted to start it I then heard my boost solenoid start to rapidly tick until I turned the key off.

I tried firmware update but it did nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated!