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Infinity on Ford 302 no start

Hi all,

I have a Ford 302 with a 36-1 crank trigger wheel with a VR sensor and a 1 PPR hall cam sensor. The basic engine, injector and sensor setup has been done. I've used the ignition sync wizard to offset and verify timing at 10 degrees in sequential and wasted spark/batch configs. The firing order is correct and the cam sensor is not 180'd out. I however cannot get this engine to start. I get random pops from the exhaust but nothing more in wasted and sequential setups. No cam or crank errors either but I do have the VR PWM set to 30 during startup as the signal seemed more regular. The VR sensor is mounted sturdy and set to a .040 gap. Can someone have a look at these logs and recommend anything? VR noise-canceling seems to work best at 17 which is high but the wiring is shielded and the drain is grounded only at the ecu side.




Just to follow up, it needed a bit more crank noise filter and it started right up. The difference between 15 and 20 was just too large. 17 was the perfect number to make sure it never missed the missing tooth. I would delete the post but I dont see an option to do so

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The log you posted looks

The log you posted looks perfect. No signs that the ECU didn't properly detect the missing crank tooth section. No errors, no problems. Noise Cancellation of 17 for a VR input isn't high at all - in fact, that's extremely low. Most times it's 50+ and a change between 15 and 20 really shouldn't be that sensitive. Either way, glad its running now but you may need to revisit these settings once you actually run the engine under load.