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Infinity Troubleshooting Posting Standards - READ ME!

We here at AEM strive to provide the best support possible for the Infinity and all other product lines.  It goes without saying that stand alone engine management systems are complex and complicated systems with hundreds of channels and options along with hardware I/O that must be setup to work in harmony to properly run an engine.  Problems can and will arise and the key to efficient troubleshooting is supplying useful data for us to analyze.  The following are some standard DOs and DON'Ts to adhere to:

DO provide a detailed but concise description of the problem.  DON'T provide an anecdotal story like "When I shift from 2nd to 3rd and then stab the gas and whip it into a slide I see black smoke - what can this be?"  While it does describe a problem, it provides zero useful data for us to analyze.

DO provide your latest session (.itssn file) and an accompanying data log (.itlog file) for us to review.  Sessions and logs can not be posted directly to our forum.  They must be hosted elsewhere - there are numerous file hosting sites like Google Drive, Drop Box, etc.  Once hosted, post a link to your session/log in your post.  **EDIT** *Please note that logs and sessions can now be directly attached to your forum posts!* Troubleshooting posts that do not have a session and log provided will not be answered.  It's not that we're ignoring you - it's that we can't properly troubleshoot your problem without appropriate data.  

DO provide concise logs that clearly show the problem occuring that capture pertinent channels.  DO provide specific information as to where in the log the problem occurs.  DON'T provide an hours long log without pertinent channels or an indication of where the problem is occuring.  

DON'T provide screen shots, screen snaps or videos of software showing the problem occuring.  While pictures and videos can be helpful, they should NOT be the sole source of data used to try and troubleshoot a problem.  A screen shot of data log is not helpful whereas the actuall data log itself is in fact very helpful.  

DON'T post a new thread on our forum about your problem and also send emails to every possible AEM email address you can find.  We understand that you want to have your problem resolved but having multiple AEM representatives servicing your support questions at once is not efficient or necessary.  Here is the order of support avenues that will provide you with the quickest support response:

1. Phone 

2. Email 

3. Forum

If you have been directed to this post it's likely because your post has not meet the standards mentioned above.  We appreciate your compliance as providing useful troubleshooting data helps us to better help you!