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+12 Ignition issues

Good morning guys. 


I have a small issue with a AEM ems4 i installed on a Hyundai coupe . 

I wire up the ecu as it says on the manual / wiring pinout, everything works , well the engine is running BUT 

if i switch *off the ignition and then back *on the ecu wont connect (i can even hear the prime of the pump) 

and the ONLY solution to make the ECU go back on working is to disconect and reconnect the GENERAL +12 cable that goes to the Baterry, 

once i done that the ecu goes back on and working perfectly. 

The source i get the +12 is the main cable that goes under the key ... 

Waiting your reply as i am lost ..



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Please see the The EMS-4 DIY

Please see the The EMS-4 DIY/FAQ - Look here first!! thread.